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The following are some unsolicited comments from those who have tested and used this method of teaching music.

We bought your whole program - It is working VERY well for my children. :)
Tresta Neil - (Chairman of LDS Homeschool Conference)

After teaching piano for 20 years and then teaching school, I retired. I began teaching my grandchildren, but they were going nowhere with finger numbers and colors to find the notes. Thank you so much for your piano method for teaching beginning piano. I'm excited!
Sharon Crosby - St. Johns Arizona

Your course has been such a blessing. Thank you for all your hard work. My students and I are learning so much from your years of experience.
Tammy Lamm - Springville Utah

What I've gone through so far, I love. You have done a wonderful job with this.
Tawnie - Bountiful Utah

I've been reading your books, practicing, and hope to start sharing what I've learned with my grandchildren when they come for visits and for years to come.
Jim & Debbie Bolinder - Spanish Fork Utah

I've been teaching piano for 12 years. I was introduced to Lela's Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around method over a year ago and have since been using it with my students. It has really helped them to recognize their notes in a quick and effective way. What has taken my students months to learn has now taken weeks when using this method as one their daily books. I have been very pleased and happy to have learned a more effective way to teach my students and to have found a way to help them advance more quickly. I also changed to Michael Aaron and Schaum books.
Julie Taggart - Bountiful Utah

Do you remember me? I came and visited you last January and brought the entire Magic Keys set home to Honolulu with me. I have started teaching and I love it! Your books have helped me so much already!!! I have been confident and knowledgable in my expectation for students. I have also helped them get excited about music. I have already used so many of your tips and tricks of how to help the students understand things. Your books do an excellent job at explaining everything so that a person can teach themselves without any previous knowledge. Thank you again. It has been such a blessing to have your program.
Crystal Hardman - Utah

Lela, I LOVE IT!! Everything about it!! I even want to incorporate "Magic Piano Keys" into my violin class. I think it's just a wonderful method. The part that really sold me it was the game and jingles. I have been playing the piano and violin for several years. I teach violin both privately and have a community class. One thing I really believe in and try hard to incorporate in my teaching is learning the same thing several ways, through singing, listening, playing, watching, etc. Well a lady in the commuinity called me and asked if I'd teach piano to her two grand daughters. I thought about it, and agreed. She said she had just bought, "The Missing Link To Magic Piano Keys" and she wanted me to try it out. Since I'd never taught piano before, and I didn't absolutely love the method I learned, I happily agreed. That Method was yours. Isn't teaching just the best job there is, so from one teacher to another, Thank you! I love this method and style of teaching. You're Great! I'm so impressed. I hope your method continues to be known more thoughout the world. 
Janna West - Honolulu Hawaii

I was teaching piano in Mongolia. My student, a young teen with very limited English, and I with almost no Mongolian, had good progress and lots of fun. We only had a small electronic keyboard. The outline in the manuals made it possible for me to help her understand. I really like the method. My daughter, one of your students from years ago, also advanced well and loves music. 
Gearaldine Cotteral - Bountiful Utah

As a (fifty+)wishful want-ta-be pianist, I have been very pleased and even surprised at the progress I have been able to make in my eight months of piano lessons from Lela Christensen. Using her tried and true method, "The Missing Link To Magic Piano Keys," has been the tool for learning to play the piano. The game designed and used to learn the notes, "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around" forces me to really learn and internalize the notes and not just memorize a given section of music. Although, I am anxious to be playing far beyond my current abilities, I have been assured by other Pianist, that I've progressed rapidly for the amount of time I've been taking lessons. Considering my age and memory recall, I credit this to the method used, direction, enthusiasm, devotion and professional manner in which Lela presents each lesson.
Ann S. Allred - Centerville Utah

At the age of 50 I decided it was time to learn the piano. I had paid for lessons for all of my children, and it was my turn. But I was worried that I would not be able to learn notes. I am so glad I found Lela Christensen. Using her program, "The Missing Link To Magic Piano Keys," was the best thing possible for me. I was able to learn notes and rhythms quickly, and I am actually sight reading an intermediate piece in only 7 months. My children who have taken many piano lessons from other teachers, are still having problems with their sight reading. They hope to correct it with Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around.
Moana Edwards - Centerville Utah