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The Missing Link To "Magic Piano Keys" Complete Set has everything you need to teach piano, learn how to teach, or teach yourself. -- Seasoned Teachers -- New Teachers -- Home Schoolers -- Parents -- This is the answer for beginning students to master the notes in as little as 2 months using Visual, Audio, and Tactile learning methods. Do one lesson at a time and it bring in all teachers materials just like a dress pattern or a mechanics manual. Follow them like the Yellow Brick Road. Step by step instructions for the teacher are in the right column. The left column is what the teacher should say to a student. This series is for both the beginning student and seasoned musician. "Word for word" instructions are provided for the beginner and a short cut for the more advanced teachers. "The Missing Link To Magic Piano Keys" series includes detailed, illustrated, and easy instructions to follow on how to teach the piano, or learn to play it. Sight reading becomes easy. Students learn quickly and move to higher levels of learning.

Teachers Manuals

If you want the system to work well,


The complete instructors set includes all you need to begin lessons with your first student, along with manuals for the student. For each additional Students Piano Lesson Set (See Student Manuals) you will receive a 20% discount. All books in Instruction Set and all Piano Lesson books can be used over and over again -- use for all members of your family. Each studen can have a corner of the same book to track their progress.

If you begin teaching students who are not in your family, for students first lesson, you will need the lesson books listed above by Michael Aaron and John W Schaum, plus Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around Exercise books. (See Student Manuals)

Right from the first lesson, the students will read notes on the music staff (NO FLASH CARDS), say the notes as they play, and count the rhythm. They will start by reading a piece of music. Then 2nd time through the piece the students will say the names of the notes. By the 3rd time through, they now count the rhythm as they play the music. What are they doing as they count? They are automatically putting their fingers down on the keys as they play the notes. Saying notes as they play, and counting the rhythm helps it be retained in their memory.

What has been accomplished? Students know the names of the notes, where they are on the music staff, and also play the rhythm in the first lesson!!!! At the end of the lesson, a student will Pick (a note), Play (play the note), Say (Say the note), jump around, and find another note. Pick, Play, Say, Jump Arounds (PPSJ) are the warmups before practice each lesson.

As a rule always read the note first, and do not use any finger numbers!

If you want the system to work well, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE BOOKS! Old editions of Schaum and Aaron had finger numbers on every note, which only confuses the student. The new editions are free of finger numbers except where needed to move around the piano. Students now read correct notes on music staff and count on first lesson. Other beginning lesson books should not be used either because you will not get best results. Once the student reaches higher levels, it is now fine to use other books. 

CD Jingles, Counting Game, and Rhythm, Music's Heartbeat are added as lessons progress. Counting is taught in the lesson books for the first few months, then add Rhythm, Music's Heartbeat.

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The Set Also Includes The Following:
  • Michael Aaron Primer $7.99
  • Michael Aaron Grade One $7.99
  • John W Schaum Pre-A Green Book $7.99
  • John W Schaum Sight Reading Book One $7.99
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  • "How To Teach Piano" Instructors Manual (LGC002) $49.95
  • "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around" Instructors Manual (LGC003) $35.95
  • "Rhythm, Music's Heartbeat" Instructors and Student Manual (LGC004) $24.95
  • "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around Exercise Booklet" Student Manual (LGC005) (Qty of 1) $16.95
  • "The Magic Word and Jingles" Jingles Song Book (LGC006) $16.95
  • "The Magic Word Song, and Rhythm" CD with vocals, without vocals, and instructions for the rhythm patterns in "Rhythm, Music's Heartbeat." (LGC007) $14.95
  • "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around Game" Game to reinforce the concepts learned in this series. (LGC008) $19.95


In this set is everything you will need to teach your first student. Even lesson books for your first student as included in the set!

The Missing Link To "Magic Piano Keys" Complete Instruction Set   (LGC001)

For Homeschoolers and Experienced Pianists Wanting to Teach