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  • "Rhythm, Music's Heartbeat" Instructors and Student Manual (LGC004) $24.95
  • "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around Exercise Booklet" Student Manual (LGC005) (Qty of 1) $16.95
  • Beginning Piano Lesson Set (LGC009) $31.96
    • Michael Aaron Primer
    • Michael Aaron Grade One
    • John W Schaum Pre-A Green Book
    • John W Schaum Sight Reading Book One
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The Missing Link To "Magic Piano Keys" Complete Students Piano Lesson Set (LGC010)

 Old editions of Schaum and Aaron had finger numbers on every note, which only confuses the student. The new editions are free of finger numbers except where needed to move around the piano. Students now read correct notes on music staff and count on first lesson. Other beginning lesson books should not be used either. You will not get best results. Once the student reaches higher levels, it is fine to use other books. 

Student Manuals