Beginning Piano Lesson Set (LGC009)

"How To Teach Piano" Instructors Manual (LGC002)

The Songs, Jingles, and Rhythm Helps on this CD are Vital to learning the concepts taught in The Missing Link To "Magic Piano Keys" learning series. It is a companion to the "Magic Word and Jingles" song book, and "Rhythm, Music's Heartbeat" manual. Jingles teach the names of notes, note placements, flats and sharps, key signatures, and rhythms. Jingles stay in the memory. Learn the magic keys to success!!

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​​​​"Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around Exercise Booklet" Students Manual (LGC005)

This exercise booklet contains the same exercises found in the "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around" Instructors Manual, but students NEED a book of THEIR OWN. If there is more than one student in the same family learning to play, they may all use the same exercise book. This is a good way to keep the Instructors manual clean and nice. Tip: Keep the pages of the students booklet clean by pointing to notes with the eraser end of a pencil. This booklet includes:

  • All the exercises that are used in the instructors manual. It follows right along with the instructors manual.
  • Full exclamations with each exercise. Is illustrated with Tips and Tricks.
  • Reminders to students throughout the book of the correct positioning of their fingers and hands on the piano keyboard.
  • Illustrations for correlations between the notes on the Grand Staff (and all 88 keys of the piano), the left and right hand, and the piano keyboard.

This is an excellent companion to the Instructor Manuals!

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"The Magic Word and Jingles" Song Book (LGC006)

  • Is truly a New Unique Way of learning and relating the notes on the music staff to your hands, and then to the piano keys.
  • Has everything outlined with an easy to follow, Step By Step, process.
  • Includes instructions for both the "Seasoned Musician" and the beginning teacher.
  • Is Auditory (Hearing), Visual (Seeing), And Tactile (Touching) -- the proven three best ways of learning.
  • Allows you to learn the notes on the music staff AND relate them to the piano keyboard in as little as 2 MONTHS! (1 lesson per week)
  • Comes with everything fully illustrated
  • Can even be used to teach yourself with easy to follow instructions.

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 Old editions of Schaum and Aaron had finger numbers on every note, which only confuses the student. The new editions are free of finger numbers except where needed to move around the piano. Students now read correct notes on music staff and count on first lesson. Other beginning lesson books should not be used either. You will not get best results. Once the student reaches higher levels, it is fine to use other books. 

"Pick, Play , Say, Jump Around" Game (LGC008)

"The Magic Word Song, Jingles, and Rhythm" CD (LGC007)

"The Magic Word and Jingles" Song Book is an effective way to teach notes and rhythm. Jingles stay in the memory. Names of the notes are learned as their location on the lines and spaces of the music come to life! There is a jingle for each phase of learning the notes and counting rhythm.  Jingles include:
  • "Rhythm, Music's Heartbeat Jingle" that teaches how notes and rests are written and their functions.
  • Eight other fun and catchy jingles that teach names of notes, lines and spaces, flats and sharps, key signatures, and rhythm.

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​​​"Rhythm, Music's Heartbeat!" Instructors and Student Manual (LGC004)

This manual teaches students how to read the notes on the lines and spaces in music and play them on the correct keys of the piano. In the Student Exercise book, the student will Pick the note, Say the note, Play the note, Jump Around, and find a new note to play.  "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around" exercises teach the music notes rapidly and accurately. These exercises are warm-ups for the student to do at the start of every practice session. Start learning how to read and play notes The Easy Way! With this new method of teaching a student can learn the notes in as little as two months! It's auditory, visual, and tactile and IT REALLY WORKS!! This method:
This book is the main manual to follow.  The book guides a teacher through the other books, Jingles and Rhythm CD, and the "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around" game. A word-for-word version is provided for the beginning teacher and a short cut version is provided for the more experienced musicians.  Paragraphs are well illustrated to emphasize each new concept to be learned.
This manual teaches how to count all rhythms from the basics to Jazz. Its for ALL music students to learn how to count music accurately and independently. Rhythm patterns have an "A" side and a "B" side. The A side is the rhythm pattern. The B side tells the answers of how to clap and count the rhythm. By listening to the Jingles CD, a student can hear how to clap and count each rhythm. Double Rhythm patterns teach how to put treble and bass clef rhythms together for the piano. This manual includes:

The Michael Aaron and John W. Schaum beginning piano course books and The Missing Link To "Magic Piano Keys" fit together like a hand in a glove. Aaron and Schaum are the best to use for beginning piano students. (These new editions are free of finger numbers except where needed) Michael Aaron lifts off the lid to each new concept. John Schaum follows behind giving reinforcement. Use these 4 books to establish the fundamental techniques that cannot be missed to be successful in higher learning levels. New editions of Michael Aaron and Schaum series guide the student to play their music smoothly and keep the fingers from getting tangled. The student will become a good sight reader, and play notes accurately within 2 months using these four books in concert with with practicing The Missing Link To "Magic Piano Keys" warm ups every day.
The Set Includes The Following:
  • Michael Aaron Primer $7.99
  • Michael Aaron Grade One $7.99
  • John W Schaum Pre-A Green Book $7.99
  • John W Schaum Sight Reading Book One $7.99

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If you want the system to work well,


  • Instructions for how to count all rhythms from basic to Jazz
  • Instructions for beginning rhythms  and progresses to Triplets, Duplets, Quadruplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets, Septuplets, and Syncopated rhythms.
  • Excellent tips for all music disciplines; All Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, String, Keyboard, and any other imaginable instruments.
  • 29 fully illustrated rhythm patterns with instructions on how to count and teach each rhythm pattern

The "Magic Word Song, Jingles, and Rhythm" CD is a must have companion to this book. It demonstrates how to count, say, and clap the rhythms in this book.

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All Materials

The "Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around Game" is a fun way to learn note location. Notes move around like checkers on the music staff and piano keyboard in the game. A dry erase pen may be used.
  • Game box is large enough to store all books and CD in the set.
  • Game Board with printed music staff and piano keyboard.
  • Templates include: Treble clef, bass clef, all sharps and flats, leger lines and spaces, and Much More!
  • Works hand in hand with the" Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around Exercise Booklet" and "The Magic Word and Jingles" song book.
  • Notes Are Easy To Learn! It's another Magic Piano Key.
  • Game key board is laminated so note values my be taught by writing notes with dry erase markers on the key board.
  • M&M's and skittles can be used for the notes that can later be eaten and enjoyed as the notes are learned.

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​​"Pick, Play, Say, Jump Around" Instructors Manual (LGC003)

The  missing  link

to  Magic  Piano  Keys

  • "Time Tested" Method of Teaching Piano (Over 60 Years!)
  • A complete "Do It Yourself" guide to learn how to teach piano
  • Fully illustrated with tips and tricks as the concepts are presented
  • A full section of the book is dedicated to sharing Time Tested tips and tricks to teaching piano
  • Suggestions for policies, and the financial aspect of teaching piano
  • Guidance on the following: How To Pace Students Progression, How To Mark Assignments, Tips For Teaching The First Lesson, Etc.
  • Teaches "Middle C" position for the hands
  • Includes complete instructions for each of the piano books used in the series

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Teach Piano 

Learn  Piano