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Magic Piano Keys provides beginners and experienced pianists two years of piano lesson plans to follow!

Anyone can learn using this method and it is as if a teacher is sitting by your side.The lessons take you through the process word for word using a column for the teacher and a column for the student. It is a fun new concept, and an easy way to learn or teach piano. This means that  no previous lessons necessary to learn piano. 


Teach Your Children Piano

For many years Lela Christensen has had piano students from other teachers come to her for lessons. She has found some of these students still could not read their notes. This inspired her to create and publish this method  to teach students their piano notes in two months. These piano books come from over 55 years of experience of teaching piano.

How does it work?

How was it created?

From the very first lesson students play with the right and left hand play together. Also students learn note names, their location, and rhythm right from the beginning. This revolutionary method does not use colors or finger numbers to learn because it is visual, auditory and tactile. The teachers  set includes all the needed piano lesson books.

Why does it work?

New  Step By Step Method for
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